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Dota 2 MapHack - Download New Released 2014

Today we will release our official program from our team Dota 2 MapHack.
Below will read our features and benefits anyway if you are looking for any cheats over internet do NOT download i saw some went to try them but guess what all of them was viruses, surveys and other shits that doesn't work so we are saying this is only official site.

Dota 2 Maphack Version 1.7.2 History:

  • Remove fog from minimap and mainmap
  • Reveal units minimap and mainmap
  • camera distance hack
  • Reveal illusions
  • Get alerted when rune is avaiable on minimap
  • Make units clickable
  • Attack on invisibility (you can attack riki without gem or sentry wards)

To be added in next version:

  • See the kunka spell
  • Watch the pudge hook before.

I have download but how to use it:
  1. After download extraxt files first then
  2. Run Steam (be sure you have lasted update)
  3. In folder where its extracted you can see file named "dota2 maphack 1.7)
  4. After that you can features that appears on application select one that you want to use them
  5. Press "inject" after pressed that button then Launch Dota 2 from desktop.
  6. While you are playing(in-game) press on keyboard "INSERT" when you want to activate the hack.


Current Downloads : 21203